About us.
Goldschatz Kaffee from Cologne.

Goldschatz Kaffee from Cologne

We love coffee and we love to delight guests with our coffee specialties. For years, Goldschatz Kaffee from Cologne has been standing for exclusive coffee catering with barista at trade fairs, congresses and events. We use our own gourmet coffee and espresso – roasted of course in a traditional handcrafted way.
In detail we offer the following products and services:
- Espresso and coffee specialities
- Coffee, espresso and trade fair catering
- Piaggio Apé coffee cars
- Mobile coffee bars
- Barista coffee catering


We have our headquarters in Cologne however, we are working for you and your guests nationwide and also in other European countries. The love for coffee doesn’t know any borders. The focus of our work is always on quality, passion and the love for coffee - just everything, so that you and your guests feel comfortable and can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in quietness.

Of course, we also deliver our Goldschatz coffee blends to your office or café. If you are interested, please contact us at any time.

Further information can be found in the „office coffee“ section.



Our company

Goldschatz Kaffee was found in Cologne in 2014 and has quickly become one of the leading suppliers of professional coffee catering. In 2018, we prepared more than 240,000 coffee specialties for employees and guests of small and large companies, at company celebrations, at fairs and events all over Europe on more than 340 days of operation. From our new warehouse near Cologne and with the help of our partners, we can flexibly serve events up to 3,000 guests. Whether close or far, we provide our guests with delicious coffee specialties, homemade lemonades and fine teas at any time.

About us: Goldschatz Kaffee from Cologne
About us: Goldschatz Kaffee from Cologne

Our idea

Every day, several million cups of coffee are brewed and drunken worldwide. However, only 5% of them come from beans that are roasted in a tradtional handcrafted manner and which are moreover prepared in a professional and delicious way. We would like to change that and make our passion for coffee a mission. Our goal is to delight you and your guests at fairs and events with coffee specialties of the highest quality. A handcrafted coffee roast prepared by a professional barista and presented to you with a smile on our face.

Handcrafted coffee roast

Our coffee specialties and espressos are traditionally roasted from top quality green coffee in a gentle long-time roasting process on a Giessen drum roaster in Cologne. In this way they can develop their full aroma, they are extremely rich and digestible at the same time. Convince yourself and taste a freshly brewed cup of Goldschatz coffee, a powerful espresso or a deliciously tasty cappuccino or latte macchiato.

About us: Goldschatz Kaffee from Cologne
About us: Goldschatz Kaffee from Cologne

Passion. With heart.

My name is Axel. At the age of 12, I drank my first cup of coffee - it tasted terribly. Today I know why, because coffees are not all the same. Due to my love for wine and good food, I landed by accident on a coffee plantation in Indonesia - after that it was born, the enthusiasm for coffee. After numerous tastings, the way to my first Goldschatz coffee blend was in reach. Today I like the taste of my coffee. I gave up my marketing job and turned my passion into my job. With passion and with heart.

Contact details

We look forward to hearing from you.

Goldschatz Kaffee
Hohlweg 24, 50226 Frechen (near Cologne)
Office: +49(0)221-97246748
Mobile: +49(0)171-9833490
E-Mail: hallo(at)goldschatz-kaffee.de


About us: Goldschatz Kaffee from Cologne