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Mobile barista and coffee artists

We love coffee and we love to prepare coffee for guests. Why not working for you?
Barista: This charming coffee artist who exudes that delicious smell with every cup of coffee and who creates a special moment of your day with espresso, cappuccino and co.
Our mobile barista service means that we are not only just preparing coffee, we spoil you and your guests with taste, latte art and creativity. We are happy to join you at your next trade fair or company event with our services and a professional barista.


We offer a full barista service, which means that we bring everything we need with us and therefore ensure a smooth assembly and disassembly. We dress according to your specifications, on request also in your company colours, because you, your guests and your company are our focus.
Either we can stay in the background discreetly and "only" prepare delicious coffee creations or entertain you and your guests - a Goldschatz Kaffee barista does it exactly the way you wish and how it fits your event.



Barista catering service

Every event, fair and exhibition booth would like to be unique. Especially in the business environment, you can stand out with a professional barista catering service and attract attention. A coffee service done by a certified barista, will give your event a creative face of a special kind. It is about first-class coffee, as well as a personal touch. Our coffee artists create a meeting point where you like to stay and both your guests and your staff can treat themselves to a little break and a delicious cappuccino. In recent years, we have been able to support national and international companies from numerous industries at home and abroad.

Coffee Artists
Coffee Artists

Trade fair barista

Especially at trade fairs, you can impress your guests with your own coffee artist and tastefully enrich your booth. Both at trade fairs and consumer fairs, you attract customers and guests with a barista, invite them to stay at your stand, and thus create a feel-good atmosphere that will long be remembered by business partners and visitors. In order to meet your wishes, our coffee artists can invite visitors to actively join you at the exhibition stand or they can stay in the background to "only" serve coffee to your employees and business partners.

Catering team

We would be happy to join you at your next trade fair or company event with a professional barista, a team of barista and of course with our coffee catering service. However, certain events also require a certain type of barista and we are happy to meet your ideas on that. No matter if you are looking for a man or a woman, a hipstar or just a classic barista in a white shirt with a bow tie, we can offer you the type barista you desire. Please tell us what kind of barista you require and we will try to fulfill these wishes.

Coffee Artists
Coffee Artists

Latte art

A barista knows how to do the so called "Latte Art", whereby when pouring the frothed milk into the espresso, a cappuccino with pattern emerges. But we can also lovingly decorate the latte macchiato and bring you and your guests a smile on the face. From hearts to flower pictures, a lot is possible here. On request, we can even decorate the drinks with your company logo. For more complex designs and logos we will produce a cappuccino pattern or use a cappuccino printer. Please directly provide us with your logo on your first inquiry and we will find the best solution for you. Thus, our specialty coffees not only taste deliciously, they moreover look wonderfully.

Mobile coffee artists

If you cannot get a great coffee in your favourit café, but at the same time don't want to miss out on the usual quality, we will come to your place or travel with you. We have specialised in serving you and your guests our specialty coffees wherever you like us to be. Our focus is on corporate events such as trade fairs, congresses and anniversaries. Our mobile barista are working for you in Cologne, all over Germany and also throughout Europe. In 2018, for example, we prepared coffee specialities in Cologne and Frankfurt and at almost all important trade fair locations and cities such as Barcelona, London, Copenhagen and Amsterdam for numerous national and international customers. We are moreover happy to take care of the complete logistics of our equipment and for our barista.

Coffee Artists
Coffee Artists

SCA certification

The SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) certificate is one of the few internationally recognised standards in our industry. The goal of SCA is 'coffee excellence' in every respect, which is to be achieved through practical experience and training. In this context, SCA offers serveral internallionally recognised coffee related exams. The barista, who passes these exams, expresses his understanding of specialty coffee and proves a professional way of working - just like us from Goldschatz Kaffee. In addition to the theoretical and practical tests, we guarantee that our barista are practicing their skills on a regular basis.

Barista coffee

Some customers and guests keep asking us which coffee or espresso beans we use and whether this is also a real barista coffee. Barista coffee itself does not exist and the term "barista coffee" is a pure word creation. There are no coffees or special beans for barista. What is meant is usually a coffee or espresso made from high-quality beans, which are roasted in the drum in the gentle long-term comforting process. Our barista can basically work with any coffee, whereby the coffee drinks made from high-quality beans taste better of course. When you book us for a coffee catering, we use our own espresso beans, the Goldschatz Kaffee Espresso 1974, a so-called blend made from four different green coffees. 65% Arabica and 35% Robusta. You can find out more about this blend, other varieties and the roasting process on: Office Coffee.

Coffee Artists