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What do our customers say?

Of course, we find our Goldschatz coffee delicious and believe that our service is world class and leaves nothing to be desired. But what is much more important, however, is the opinion of our customers and partners. Some of them we would like to share with you below.
After more than a 1,000 days at trade fairs, events and congresses as well as numerous tons of coffee, which we roasted over the years, we have received a lot of references and customer voices.


All together these feedbacks are so positive that they encourage us in our daily activities and provide us with motivation for every new catering event and every freshly roasted kilo of coffee.

If you are interested in working with us, we would be happy to bring you in touch with one of our previous customers or partners – no matter which one you choose.



In the following you will find a selection of companies that rely on our coffee catering services on a regular basis – at trade fairs as well as conferences and other occasions. Some of them we moreover provide with our freshly roasted beans in their offices.

Customer voices

... and these feedbacks we received from our customers:

References and customer voices


Microsoft: “Dear Mr. Kaulmann, first of all a big thank you. Our staff, as well as our customers were very enthusiastic about your coffee catering and service!!! I would like to come back to you for future fairs - everything went very uncomplicated and smooth! That makes the cooperation fun!“


Philips “Dear Mr. Kaulmann, the feedback on your service at the conhIT fair in Berlin is consistently positive!! Everything went well again, and we will definitely realise some further projects together. See you again next week in Nuremberg at the DAC. Best regards.”

References and customer voices
References and customer voices

DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) and Feinkost Käfer

DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters): "Thanks to the great barista service the coffee was always delicious and with your innovative recommendations such as the espresso tonic, a great variety was also provided."

Feinkost Käfer: "The cooperation with you went hand in hand and it really was a pleasure to master the weekends together. It was great to see how you treated us as well as our guests and all while having a lot of bar work to do.”


Oracle: "We have used Goldschatz Kaffee at several of our trade show booths in Germany. Axel and his team provided us with exceptional service and exceptional coffee. Axel, it was a great pleasure to work with you. Always easy and uncomplicated - I wish more partners would be like you.“

References and customer voices
References and customer voices


Ducati: "Hi Axel! It was a lot of fun to work with you. It was very uncomplicated as you simply know what is important for the good look as well as for great service and the coffee also tasted wonderfully.

Ducati: “Top coffee, top service and your professional style made the Ducati booth very special. Thank you so much."


Toshiba: “Thank you very much for your service! Even before the fair started, we were asked by our business partners if we are again offering the good Goldschatz coffee at our booth! Again, all customers were very satisfied. Please schedule the fair for us next year.”

References and customer voices


... and last but not least some of our partners, because we are only successful in a team: