Mobile coffeebar.
With style.

Mobile coffee bar rental

A stylish, nice, functional, black or white coffee bar with an espresso coffee machine for your event or alternatively our rolling bar in timber look - which one would you prefer? We will definitely find the right coffee bar solution for your event. And if it has to be even more special and unusual, we will ask our carpenter and metal worker to design and build a very individual and stylish mobile coffee bar especially for your requirements.
Our mobile coffee and espresso bars are extremely flexible and elegant at the same time. The individual bar elements can be placed according to your wishes: either as a straight front, over corner or in a (half) circle - exactly how it fits your event. Each bar is fully equipped to prepare delicious espresso specialties. On site we only require regular power connection. Our bars can of course be branded with your company logo.


For a small mobile café, we only need little space. Our mobile coffee bars start from a width of 130cm. Each bar is fully equipped to prepare delicious espresso specialties. On site we only need regular 230V power connection from you.
The counters can of course also be branded with your company logo or another individual design. A mobile coffee bar from Goldschatz Kaffee Catering: simply rent it, let us set it up for you and enjoy your cappuccino.



Mobile café

The different black or white mobile coffee bar or counter elements can be used individually or in addition to each other, depending on how much space you have available and how many espresso machines and grinders are required. For an individual design, the mobile coffee counters can be branded with stickers or even complete plates, in order to appear completely in the desired look. Under the bar is enough space for fresh water and waste water tanks, water filters and everything we need to delight you and your guests with delicious coffee specialties. We have the complete equipment with us however without it being visible to you and your guests.

Mobile coffeebar
Mobile coffeebar

Mobile coffee bar

Our rolling mobile coffee bar in a stylish timber look is set up easily and can almost be used anywhere (weatherprooved location). On wheels, it can quickly be assembled and dismantled. Especially at company events, in shops, pop-up stores and at conventions, this eye-catcher enjoys great popularity. Pushed inside, connected to electricity and you're ready to go and let the barista delight you and your guests with freshly prepared coffee specialties. The rolling Goldschatz coffee bar is 200 cm wide and fully equipped with everything we need for a professional coffee catering. A suitably stylish decoration consisting of coffee plants, green coffee bags, historic coffee grinders and much more is of course taken care of.

Rent a coffee machine

Our professional espresso machines are true Italian powerpacks from the Milan espresso machine expert “Rocket Espresso Milano”. Only with one two-grouped Rocket Boxer machine, we are able to prepare more than 1,000 coffee drinks and tea specialties per day. The award-winning Italian coffee machines impress with their elegant and timeless design in a stainless steel look. From an optical point of view these machines will fit in every individual coffee bar, all counters and almost every exhibition stand without taking too much space. On our special request, Rocket equips the espresso machines with 230V power connection so that we can use any regular plug socket.

Mobile coffeebar
Mobile coffeebar

Coffee grinders

Only the best for our beans. In order to develop the whole flavor and get the maximum out of every bean, we only use high-quality so-called “grind on demand” grinders. Therefore, we grind our beans just before the preparation and always only as much as we need for the next order. Depending on the size of the event, stand design and customer requirements, we use professional grinders from Eureka, Macap and Mazzer. These machines enable us to precisely adjust the grind and grammage just in time to the external conditions such as temperature and humidity so that the barista can prepare the perfect espresso or cappuccino at any time and in any place.

Elegant porcelain

Together with our mobile coffee bar we always also deliver elegant white porcelain cups and saucers in various sizes, latte macchiato glasses and espresso and latte macchiato spoons, so that the high-quality coffee specialties can be served to the guests accordingly. Alternatively, we can of course also use your cups and glasses. In just a few steps, we have set our machines to your cup and glass sizes. Of course, we can also use to-go paper cups and wooden stirring sticks if you wish or if local conditions require it. We deliver neutral white cups in organic quality or offer the opportunity to customise them - with your company logo, a specific message or anything that supports you and your marketing.

Mobile coffeebar
Mobile coffeebar


If you rent an espresso bar from us, of course an appealing decoration must not be missing. To every event we bring along all sorts of tastefully coordinated things in order to communicate the topic of coffee and create a nice atmosphere. In addition to green coffee bags, coffee plants, historic coffee grinders and menu cards on wooden clamp boards, we bring Weck glasses with coffee beans and porcelain bowls for sugar and stirring sticks. Even our waste bin, we discreetly "hide" in an empty green coffee bag and present our tea in a stylish wooden display. We are also happy to accept and implement your wishes for individually designed decoration, so that our mobile espresso bar integrates perfectly into your stand concept and makes you and your guests feel completely at ease.