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Goldschatz coffee for you

You can of course also enjoy our delicious and traditionally roasted Goldschatz coffee and espresso blends in your office or delight guests in your café.
If you also want to enjoy our specialty coffees, you can easily order directly from us.


We supply our coffee to baristas, restaurants, catering companies, offices and anyone nationwide who values a good cup of coffee, fair conditions in the countries of origin and in cooperation with us.
Please send us a message or give us a call and we will provide you with an individual and especially delicious offer. We look forward to hearing from you.



Office coffee

Coffee for offices

Do you also want a high-quality coffee at work for yourself, your colleagues or employees? We then recommend our office coffee service – simple, delicious and convenient. Our Espresso 1974 blend is ideal for both fully automatic coffee machines, stove cans and espresso machines. Our Samba Brasil coffee produces an aromatic coffee and tastes best using the good old filter coffee machine.
We are happy to deliver a certain amount of espresso and coffee directly to your office on a monthly basis or as often as you require it. We also offer special conditions, depending on the quantity.

Coffee for cafés

Numerous cafés in Cologne and throughout the Rhineland region already love our coffee. Sometimes they even sell our coffee under their own brand and label. We guarantee consistently high-quality beans, freshly roasted deliveries within a few days and we will help you with all questions relating to espresso, cappuccino and co.
If you are interested in our offer, please send us a message or call us directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

Office coffee
Office coffee

Traditional Drum Roasting

Moreover the first-class Giesen drum roaster, in which the fresh Goldschatz specialty coffees are roasted, should also be mentioned here. Most important, of course, is taste. As this is known to be very individual, there is no way around from you buiding your own opinion. If you are interested in tasting our Goldschatz coffee blends, we are happy to receive your message.

The Goldschatz coffee blends


nutty chocolatey
65% Arabica, 35% Robusta
1000g whole beans
Ingredients: roasted coffee
Suitable for: espresso machine/stove can/automatic coffee machine

Price / 1.000g: 32,90€

The secret of this espresso lies in the composition of the highest quality green coffees and the traditional roasting process. The fine Arabicas from Brazil, Peru and Sumatra provide our coffee with a nutty chocolatey aroma. Indian parchment Robusta gives it its power. A delicious espresso, ideal for mixed milk drinks and just as tasteful as a café crème.

When we work for our customers, we always use this blend for catering.

A pure filter coffee from Brazil. The fine Brazil Santos 100% Arabica beans are traditionally roasted and can fully develop their classic mild aroma. With light sweetness and fine peanut aroma in the finish, this coffee is an ideal companion for the day. Cup by cup.


Naturally mild
100% Arabica
1000g whole beans
Ingredients: roasted coffee
Suitable for: coffee machine/hand filter/French Press

Price / 1.000g: 30,90€